2009-10-01 00:00
2009-10-01 23:59

The 8th Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services (NKOS) Workshop will take place as part of ECDL 2009 in Corfu (http://www.ecdl2009.eu/).

The topics are invited primarily for the following topics:

* *Linked data*
* *Models and methodologies for creation and development of KOS*
* ***Social tagging*
* ***KOS** Interoperability*
* ***Terminology services*
* ***User-centred design issues*
* *Semantic Web*
* *Economic and social issues*

This year’s workshop invites proposals for both presentations and for posters. They should include aims, methods, and main findings in approximately 500 words for presentations and 200 words for posters.

Submission deadline is the *19th June*.* **

**For a more detailed list of topics and other information, please consult the attached CFP and the Workshop web page at